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3 things your girlfriend does while

Abuja – While most guys simply spank
the monkey when they want to rub out a
quick one before bed, it’s not that basic
for the ladies.
Men’s Health lets you in on a couple of
secrets she won’t tell you.
She likes it better without you
Women generally take longer to orgasm
than guys do, but that might only be
because you are totally useless at it.
According to some studies, it turns out
she can reach a big O in a mere 2
minutes without you.
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They say it might be because she is
focused on herself, but it might also just
be that she’s better at knowing what
she wants.
She isn’t a bull in a glassware store
When you pull on your member, you
have a tight, firm grip with fingers
pressed like your holding a 5 wood
(which, in some ways, you are), but the
ladies don’t really dig it that way.
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Think about lifting your eyelid to rub out
an annoying eyelash. That’s how you
should be touching her clitoris. But just
don’t blow on it like you might to get
that hair out.
Her body as a…whole
While guys mainly have one tool in their
sheds, girls have a whole, uhm, box.
They stimulate their whole bodies –
neck, breasts, arms and labia while you
jackhammer your member.
Read more at Men’s Health.
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